Music Review: VERIVERY – O

That face when you were missing Strong Dragon collabs with VERIVERY that on the same day you’re writing a review on the latter’s latest title track that isn’t composed by Strong Dragon, you find out that they did a song together again.

Jellyfish Ent, why is that on VERIVERY’s Soundcloud and not part of a proper comeback?

Many months later since the release of dramatic Trigger and its associated mini album and I still think of VERIVERY‘s last comeback fondly. It’s one of the very few wholly works that I enjoy AND can still remember how all the tracks go. And you rarely hear me say that even for my favourite artists! Honestly, Series ‘O’ [Round 2: HOLE] set the bar way too high for these men with their latest comeback.

Much like the name, O, the song shapes out to be one that circles itself around a familiar moody atmosphere that you’ve heard many times.

Here’s the thing though… Do you prefer loud shouting that’s often against blaring sounds (looking at you G.B.T.B) or a predictable formula that hints a melody that’s easy on the ears?

While a derivative of VERIVERY’s past darker tracks, O settles on a pleasant rhythm for the members to be comfortable in. This is thanks to a brand new team of composers who have a clear understanding in balancing calmness and liveliness without the instrumentation being dull. As one who finds R&B to miss more than it hits, O surprisingly never sounded monotonous despite the song never doing anything fancy to its structure. And that’s ok. How ironic.

There’s a few things I love. First is the short-lived sprinkling of drums which gives the last chorus an extra oomph.

The second thing is the absence of unnecessary swerves in energy or integration of unnerving elements like trap (both are unfortunate symptoms that are present in lots of songs these days…) which is evident in the lack of rapping from Dohyeon and Hoyoung.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the genre made my first listen underwhelming. Plus, O succeeds their August comeback so the comparison between the two is apparent even if it’s unfair due to how different they are. But when comparing O to other artists’ take on subtle sensuality, I think VERIVERY’s simple yet consistent hold on an engaging rhythm is what I believe contributes to its grower power in the long run. So I won’t be surprised if this sad bop creeps up among my top looped songs of the week. How the guys sang the chorus is just… Nice.

While I definitely wouldn’t crown this song to be VERIVERY’s best, this simple yet refreshing sidestep to their current focus of angst is a change I applaud them for.

Lyrics by: jane
Composed by: Oiaisle, MIN, BYMORE
Arranged by: MIN, BYMORE

Side note: Now for anyone who’s missing frequent composer Strong Dragon and VERIVERY works, have no fear. Strong Dragon’s works may vary in quality which I will admit, but for the ones that are good, they are good. There’s this buoyant and groovy track called Velocity that they did back in December 2021, months after Trigger, which I highly recommend checking out.

Header Image Source: Official VERIVERY Twitter


7 thoughts on “Music Review: VERIVERY – O

    1. Not sure if I’m back haha ’cause I’m still in my uni period, but still thank you for the sweet words and as always for taking the time to comment :)

      I won’t lie that I did this review mainly because I want to spotlight ‘Velocity’ (still sad it’s not part of a proper comeback so understandably it went under the radar) but hey!

      Oh yeah, I forgot that remix exists…

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  1. This is honestly one of the best put together reviews(?) I’ve ever seen it’s nice, short , and interesting,
    (sorry for short im in class rn)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you for the kind words. I’m glad I’ve been able to keep your interest as you’re reading this fool’s ramblings hehe.

      And hello! Welcome to the blog~


  2. it was predictable but still so fawking yummy 🙏🙏 im a sucker for this type of songs tho yeah definitely a downgrade after trigger and that amazing album (heart attack one of the best b sides of 2021)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Reading “so fawking yummy” got a good laugh out of me. You’re not wrong though!

      Also heck yeah I’ll preach to your last sentence. ‘Heart Attack’ absolutely slaps (the key change!).


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