Music Review: Blanks – Home Without A Heart

Whenever I think of Blanks, I think of whimsical nostalgia.

A lot of his music, especially his newer works, have all been characterised by his bubbly energy and synths. Admittedly, I’m not well versed within the English music world, but I say this wholeheartedly that Blanks is truly a gem and one of my favourite artists.

When I heard him excitedly share a snippet of this song back at the start of May on Instagram, getting lost in the moment when the chorus played (same Blanks), I knew this song would truly be something remarkable. And… well, the part he showed off was the final chorus… But! The song is still incredibly strong and is definitely becoming one of my favourites by him through repeated listens.

Home Without A Heart is essentially an amalgamation of the best parts of his previous tracks. You got the intense build of synths from Lost In The Moment. You got the soaring chorus of Turn Around. And the vocal adlibs he loves to sprinkle in the final minute of several other songs. There was never a dull moment in this song. I love how much more focused this track is in its composition. Instead of stepping on the brakes in its verses, Blanks would slow down a little and build upon its addicting synth accents and percussion before driving in an exhilarating rush of euphoric pleasure. Right before getting a great guitar solo break, we get to the final chorus. This is the moment where Blanks truly shines.

The song already hinted something massive lurking underneath the vibrant composition. As the track rumbles in anticipation, Blanks reminiscencing the time “spent among the stars” accompanied solely by a touch of synths, he finally lets himself loose. There! The powerful strike of Blanks confidently singing “come on!” at every percussion beat before driving back into the same chorus with newly added guitar and adlibs. It truly feels epic.

Home Without A Heart is a fantastic song that proves Blanks’ skills as both a composer and a songwriter. This is the track I’ll recommend to friends and fellow retro lovers who want to know why I love this overexcited music boy’s discography.

Lyrics by: Simon de Wit, Simon Gitsels
Composed by: Simon de Wit, Simon Gitsels
Arranged by: Simon de Wit, Simon Gitsels

Header Image Source: Blanks Official Instagram account


3 thoughts on “Music Review: Blanks – Home Without A Heart

    1. Hey 108ent! It’s been a while.

      I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed this song! It’s such a wonderfully done retro track, so I’m hoping other fellow music fans come to know of Blanks :)

      I think you’ll also enjoy his previous song ‘Lost In The Moment’ which is very similar in approach to ‘Home Without A Heart’ (albeit that song is way shorter than I’d like it to be)!


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