Music Review: from20 – Chemical

I didn’t properly share my thoughts on from20‘s previous release, WEOL, back in May but my tweet still holds true today. With his latest single, I think it’s about time to share my thoughts on a soloist I dearly love.

from20 continues his impeccable synth work with Chemical while taking on a sentimental approach that echoes his older works. This is something WEOL also suffered but the absence of a bridge and a proper final chorus would have round Chemical well. Ultimately this “what if” comes down to preference because apart from that nitpick this single is still pretty nice.

It would be easy to brush this song off as boring for the artist’s pure intention to make summer feel nostalgia by sacrificing the energy. Chemical does lack the ferocity of WEOL‘s addictive instrumental that powers from20’s vocals. But what makes this song stand out is from20’s vibrant performance. The pleasant melodic synths and percussive beats from start to finish bring out the best of his slight raspy voice. He’s got a clear idea on melody and tuning his vocal colour to match it.

Chemical is more like a reassuring pat. Simple, yes, but otherwise it slots nicely in his consistently solid discography. If there’s anyone I trust in bringing out sentimental bops, it’s from20.

Lyrics by: from20
Composed by: HELLO GLOOM, from20, dogshampoo
Arranged by: HELLO GLOOM, dogshampoo

Header Image Source: Official from20 Twitter


2 thoughts on “Music Review: from20 – Chemical

    1. from20 we trust in giving us synth pop bops 😌

      Those 2 songs are fantastic. I liked ‘from20’ from the get-go. And it only gotten betten the more I’ve listened to it :)


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