Music Review: RoaD-B – Icarus

A bitter truth to swallow is coming to terms with the fact that K-pop is a business that’s reliant on the engagement of consumers. This uncertainty is what will truly make or break an artist. So you either follow the trend (which ironically blends into obscurity), or embrace ‘rare’ soundscapes. With how fast K-pop goes by, it’s understandable to miss the gems in the rubble.

This is RoaD-B. Aka a rookie group where many people (including myself) from the review community went feral at hearing a song with a clear focus of melody. Oh, and also because of Sweetune! Admittedly I have not listened to their well-rounded debut, Nonstop, as much as I would like. Still! It’s another win for rookies who have been delivering bops this year. Icarus diverts from Nonstop a little by taking a more straightforward path. But man, years later and Sweetune still got it.

While the verses don’t really boast much by themselves, where instead of riding off the energy the song opts to take a breather. Perhaps that’s the small price to pay for what would be the greatest asset of Icarus. Because that chorus? That chorus! The rush of light strings, guitars, and layered vocals pulsing the two-part chorus? Incredible. This is helped by the setup with its hints of strings and back-up vocals, like a bird prepping itself to fly. There’s a triumphant undertone once that chorus takes off. It’s my favourite kind of pay-off in music. You can immediately sense the confidence radiating off the group purely from the production alone. While I believe Nonstop is more refined in its structure, the uplifting chorus is able to remedy Icarus‘ simplicity.

Who knows what will become of RoaD-B. It’s my pessimistic self that makes me worried, especially when this group has a much smaller following. For now, I will indulge in the present that is this gift RoaD-B came back with. Icarus is a great follow-up that further cements that confidence and melody are possible feats to achieve at the same time.

Lyrics by: Song Soo-yoon, Lee Hyung Seok (PNP)
Composed by: Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo
Arranged by: Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo, Choi Yunho, Kim Nam Young

Header Image Source: Official RoaD-B Twitter


5 thoughts on “Music Review: RoaD-B – Icarus

  1. Can I just say thank you thank you THANK YOU for introducing me to this song! This sounds like “sunny” after-school music or to put it in more simpler terms, if sunshine and happiness were a song. Every element of this song mixes so well together and as much as I don’t mind songs that don’t have a foundational melody, aka skeleton songs as TheBiasList puts it, it sure does quench my inner thirst when I hear one that does.

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    1. Thank YOU for taking the time to read my review on this song. And more importantly, I’m glad you got to listen to this song and even enjoy it!

      “sunshine and happiness were a song” is the perfect way to describe ‘Icarus’ :)

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    1. Fingers cross for RoaD-B to get more attention too :,)
      RoaD-B performed ‘Icarus’ in a few music shows immediately after the release rather than their debut with only 1 performance months later so… fingers crossed!


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