A blog given life that’s currently under the care of a small talker with many things to say about her favourite hobbies and interests.

Some throwaway line this blogger thought on a whim, 2021

Salutations, everyone!

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I go by my online alias, Haruko. Currently I am fixated on K-pop, but I would like to connect with some of my older interests again: musicals, anime, drawing, and the list goes on.

For the burning question on why this blogger decided to name her blog after herself? Well, that’s a story I shall tell for another day (un)fortunately.

Some notes when it comes to reading Fool with Thoughts :

1. No fixed schedule for posts: As much as I like to try fueling my heart with self-indulgent writing, running this blog is purely a hobby of mine. I mean… things like the wet laundry resting idly inside my washing machine ain’t going to dry themselves!

2. I’ll probably write about other topics time to time: Currently this blog mainly focus on anything related to music, K-pop to be more specific. However, I would still like to leave room for other potential writing pieces. I can’t say what exactly in case it never comes to fruition, but there’s definitely plans for posts that isn’t solely music reviews.

3. Everyone’s entitled to what they think: For anything with subjective tastes in mind (e.g. music, films, tv series, and more…), you are entitled to what you like and dislike. I think one of the most interesting things about it is being able to share our various opinions perspectives on a mutual interest. At the end of the day, you can simply remember me as a fool with opinions within the online community. The least we can do is to show respect with each other’s opinions if any discussions are ever made.

4. Not an expert. Just a hobbyist: I don’t think I need to mention this but I am no expert in the things I talk about. Yes, I often like to present my posts objectively with a touch of subjective humour. That’s my preferred style in writing when it comes to my hobbies.

5. Don’t be shy in giving me feedback: Regardless of how (in)experienced I will become as I slowly empty my thoughts out onto writing, I always find it important to be given feedback.

Wanna get to know a bit more about me? Well, just follow where the sakura blossoms are and reach your fingers out to them.

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