Music Review: RoaD-B – Icarus

A bitter truth to swallow is coming to terms with the fact that K-pop is a business that's reliant on the engagement of consumers. This uncertainty is what will truly make or break an artist. So you either follow the trend (which ironically blends into obscurity), or embrace 'rare' soundscapes. With how fast K-pop goes … Continue reading Music Review: RoaD-B – Icarus


Music Review: OnlyOneOf – skinz

After one of the most unexpected surprises K-pop 2021 offered that is libidO, OnlyOneOf's momentum stalled after some... hiccups. We've gotten some nice filler with tracks composed by the OnlyOneOf members themselves after libidO, then there's the big news of 8D Entertainment giving little to no transparency about former leader Love and his abrupt departure … Continue reading Music Review: OnlyOneOf – skinz