(Not) Sibling Songs AKA Unrelated Songs That Sound Similar – Part 1

After listening to music for so long, it’s always fun to hear songs from various languages and medias. It’s even more fun when you hear a certain melody, or chord progression, or section that makes you go:

“Wait… This sounds like”

And thus another blog feature has been born: The (Not) Sibling Songs

This was inspired from a Youtube video of the same concept. Now my only rule is that the songs that are paired together must have 2 different artists. Apart from that, everything else is free game… So you can expect some childhood nostalgia, memes, instrumentals… You name it! A whole variety.

Feel free to share a pair where both songs sound similar as well!

GOT7 – Not By The Moon & NCT 127 – Favorite (Vampire)

Which section? The chorus.
Gonna start things off simple with 2 songs made from a similar musical cloth: angst.
To be fair, I think the structure along with the genre is the go-to combination for boy groups so I won’t blame people who think of more fitting pairs.

This pair is for those who want moody and dramatic trap beats to bop your head to. Bonus points for those who indulge in the fine arts of romance clichés.

Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter & Dreamcatcher – 4 Memory

Which section? The chorus with the chopped-up vocals.
Shelter isn’t a Japanese song, but it just happens to be partially known for its gorgeous MV done by a Japanese animation studio. And with Dreamcatcher often getting reminded by many to have songs fitting for anime openings and endings… Coincidence? I think not!

This pair is for those who desire a magical journey filled with future bass, synths, and electronics.

Nam Woohyun – Hold On Me (ft. Junoflo) & Marianas Trench – Your Ghost

Which section? The pre-chorus and chorus.
Both songs are structured from its momentous build of pent-up emotions and its catharsis of vocals and guitar riff. It’s easy to get swept up by the powerful performances by both artists in their respective songs.

This pair is for those who love nostalgia, guitars, and vocals to absolutely floor you.

Stray Kids – Give Me Your TMI & The Living Tombstone – Five Nights at Freddy’s 1

Which section? I mean…

This pair is for those who want some hard-hitting electronics in the catchiest way possible. You get to either live out the main character in an action movie, or a main character who lived at the end of a horror story.

Ten – Birthday & The 1975 – If I Believe You

Which section? The melody.
Both are R&B tracks with a very similar melodic flow. However, the vibes for the two songs are VERY different. Birthday is much more sensual and aggressive while If I Believe You is a lament with operatic vocals and strings.

This pair is for those who want a slow song to set the mood. Take your pick: Sexy or sad-y.

Header Image Source: Images belong to rightful owners. Banner made by Haruko


2 thoughts on “(Not) Sibling Songs AKA Unrelated Songs That Sound Similar – Part 1

    1. Thank you for showing enthusiasm for this new feature as well as commenting, 108ent :)
      There are definitely more entries I would love to share in the future.

      I agree with on what you said about both Woohyun and Marianas Trench’s songs! The pair between Woohyun and Marianas Trench is one of my favourites too haha.

      Speaking of Marianas Trench, you know them prior to reading this???


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