Music Review: DKZ – Cupid

I can’t believe it took two men kissing on a BL drama to give the artists their long-overdue attention.

In all seriousness, I’m happy to see member Jaechan expand his acting career as well as his group getting more attention as the result of that. The prospect of one of my favourite artists being noticed in an oversaturated market is exciting and relieving as a fan.

Fellow fans definitely went through a lot of emotions. Older songs climbing up music charts, the news of changing the group’s name from DONGKIZ to DKZ, former leader Wondae‘s departure due to his prolonged injury and member Munik still on his hiatus, and adding three(!) new members. And the black, glitchy aesthetics the artists’ social accounts changed to too! The idea of the company doing a complete makeover was something I feared. Fortunately, pink-tinted single Cupid reassures fans that DKZ are back in DONGKY TOWN, staying true with their beaming smiles and dancing.

The verses’ plunky piano keys underlining the members’ singing to a void rings familiarity from the polarising Crazy Night. Fortunately the guys ain’t skrrt-ing around the bush and instead deliver a burst of (needed) energy in the chorus. The smooth switching between the members, and the addicting instrumental of altered vocals and trumpets? Gosh, what a joy. Loving the confidence boys! They know how to get you in a good mood. And once the guys called for an “encore”, the fierce vocal climax with the adlibs really makes you feel like you’ve flown to the stratosphere.

If I have to make one cry of pessimism, I wish they took advantage of the energy a lot more. I get the approach: It’s to make the chorus memorable. Maybe an alternative would be to integrate a few more minor, but fitting, musical choices to aid the verses. But I think even with my minor complaint on the verses, it’s an improvement over Crazy Night where those clumsy verses are lot more noticeable. And… the chorus felt like a worthwhile destination to get to anyways.

Now from their last comeback, the 2021 fan song, and now this… I think composer Cray Bin is going to be staying around for a while. I may have a love-hate relationship for Crazy Night that does not match the same replayability as AKB-composed title tracks, but I think the new composers know what makes DKZ… DKZ!

I’m not sure how well this song will bode for repeated listens as the year goes on, but one thing is certain: The future for DKZ looks a bit brighter with the sudden attention. And for that, the sugar rusher Cupid is a win for me.

Lyrics by: Cray Bin
Composed by: Cray Bin, ALOHA, Sound
Arranged by: Cray Bin, ALOHA, Sound

Dear diary,
It’s day 312 (or something… I’ve lost count). Today, like every other day, I still hope to see AKB return for DKZ as the composers are still clearly around. I mean, Ulala Session’s ALIVE (aka the appropriate sequel to Lupin)? Shadow (Slip Inside) for Japan Produce?? Hello??? Anyways, that’s all from me.

Header Image Source: Official DKZ Twitter


9 thoughts on “Music Review: DKZ – Cupid

  1. DKZ’s Cupid is my new Lupin. Cupin delivers the perfect escapade for those feeling distressed in love. It’s a well written song, well composed and well arranged. Jaechan might get a Best Actor and Best Pop Duo/Group nomination from me this year. Well, everyone better keep an eye on how DKZ is gonna strike a bow in our hearts. Thank you Haruko for reviewing this good song.

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    1. I always look forward to your comments so thanks for dropping one here! And thank you too for reading this review :D

      I’m glad to know you enjoyed this because I agree: This song is lovely.

      ‘Lupin’ is also great! Funny how you brought it up as ‘Cupid’ is kind of like the next ‘Lupin’ where the guys get a lot more attention. Fingers crossed ‘Cupid’ translates well for the guys’ success in the future and not just being a one-hit wonder like ‘Lupin’ was.

      “Well, everyone better keep an eye on how DKZ is gonna strike a bow in our hearts.” – so true! And also very fitting for this release. They got my heart a long time ago so I’m hoping to see more fans feeling the same hehe


    1. Happy to know I got a good chuckle out of people through my writing (humour is hard man…). I hope your desk and/or your clothes are alright though lol.

      Hoping for more good things for them! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us, especially the new members.


  2. it was a downgrade for me after crazy night (unironically i love that song) but still glad to see the boys back with a solid song :D the performances were super fun too

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    1. Hey Vic! It’s been a while since we last saw each other huh? I hope you’ve been doing well!

      Happy to know a fellow fan who enjoys the aburdly crazy ‘Crazy Night’.
      And yeah, I agree the performances for Cupid are really fun! Probably helped my enjoyment for the song when I was watching the MV.

      And also thanks for dropping by here Vic :)


      1. im doing well ty for asking c: i hope its the same for you and yeah its really been a while lol noticed you posted some new reviews so runned to your blog to read them 🕊️

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ve been doing alright, thank you! I was busy with uni these past 2 months hence not many new reviews. I just did the ones I definitely have a lot more to say like DKZ since I’m a really big fan of them. Not that K-pop this year has been bad! There’s been a lot of tracks this year I’ve enjoyed.

          Glad to hear you’ve been doing well!


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